Providing Seaweed Solutions

Malaysia's first seaweed bio-based economy's specialist.


Seaweed as a biomass

Seaweed has been grown commercially in the region of South East Asia in the countries of Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia since the 1960s. With production numbers of seaweed in  the region at 10-12 million tons a year. South East Asia can be the hub and center for a marine based bio-alternative.

With 70% of the earth's surface covered with water. We believe that the fore front of a sustainable biomass source should come from the sea. Instead of just using red seaweed for carrageenan, Rhodomaxx aims to produce high quality bio-plastics and mineral feed supplement for the global market contributing to a more circular economy. 

We are currently doing our part in making the global agricultural system more circular by producing a trace element seaweed extract for the fertilizer and agricultural input market.

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